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" SITEG Telecom is already into Business Incorporation that consults, facilitates, accommodates and represents ICT businesses."

Siteg Telecom Strength

• Global experience and Global network of business connections
• Seasoned and committed management team
• Business and Commercial focus and insight
• Customer Advocacy
• Business Consultancy and Advisory
• Out of the box and Strategic thinking
• Innovation
• Collaboration
• Managed Services, Solution provisioning, Network Design.

Embarking on innovative offerings would require funding for new projects that would appreciate the company brand and assets, ensure new revenue streams and added value to share holders.
On the other hand, the cash inflow represents a major blocking issue to business continuity, development and quality.

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 SITEG Telecom provides cutting edge products and services to IT and Telecom industries. What makes us unique is our understanding of the customer’s needs and the proper tailoring of the solutions in most efficient manners. Indeed, our team has been at the operator and manufacturer sides thus we know exactly the customers’ concerns and wishes.

We do build our business relations on long-term goals based on credibility and trust.

Job Opening: SITEG Telecom is now hiring for a new project in Qatar. Please send your resume and our HR Team will be in touch with you.

Oct 2012: Commencement of the Electro-Mechanical Maintenance, as part of the Managed Services Contract with Ericsson for the MTN Network in Afghanistan

Dec 2012: Network Audit for ETC Network in Congo Brazzaville

Jan 2013: Introduction of our IBS for one of the Operators in KSA. Expected PO, Feb 2013.

Feb 2013: Closure of the Network Expansion with Azur, Gabon.

Feb 2013: Commencement of the Telecom Maintenance, as part of the Managed Services Contract with Ericsson for the MTN Network in Afghanistan.

Feb 2013: To start resources Allocation, for a new project in MEA. Expected starting date April 2013.

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SITEG Telecom
Office 426| Building 8 | Dubai Media City |
PO Box 500280 | Dubai |
United Arab Emirates

Affiliate Offices:

Siteg Telecom Africa
La Sablière à coté de la coure constitutionnelle
RCCM : 2009B08085, NIF: 789550H,
BP 10477 Libreville – Gabon

Siteg Telecom Congo
Immeuble Tour Nabemba 6eme étage – Porte 602 –
Avenue Amilcare Cabral|Brazzaville,
République du Congo

Siteg Services
7/F Silver Tower | Tamer Melat Str. |
Ain Tineh | Beirut | Lebanon